itc First Special Training Camp in 2024 Successfully Concluded

itc First Special Training Camp in 2024 Successfully Concluded

Mar 16,2024 334 views

itc first "CEO Training Camp" and "Product Manager Special Training Camp" of 2024 concluded successfully. The empowering journey brimming with wisdom and strength attracted nearly 500 entrepreneurs, chairpersons, CEOs, and over 200 elite professionals from cooperative companies nationwide.

CEO Training Camp

▲CEO Training Camp

As a leading enterprise in the audiovisual & lighting industry, itc consistently adheres to the collaborative concept of mutual benefit, providing rich training resources and high-quality exchange platforms to help clients establish professional and systematic knowledge systems in various fields. The CEO Training Camp focused on several core aspects of modern enterprise management, including corporate management, business philosophy, managerial qualities, business models, and marketing management. Through in-depth analysis and practical simulation, it assists client enterprises in achieving efficient, scientific, and sustainable development.

Product Manager Special Training Camp

▲Product Manager Special Training Camp

The Product Manager Special Training Camp involved a profound interpretation and practical exercise of cutting-edge technologies in the audiovisual industry. This training provided a detailed explanation of itc products and overall solutions. It offered enriching course modules such as industry trend insights, multi-dimensional customer development and follow-up, and project management techniques. These efforts aimed to help clients better understand industry dynamics, discern market trends, seize commercial opportunities, and jointly explore new frontiers in the audiovisual industry.

itc audiovisual & lighting industry

The first phase of the itc International Product Manager Training Camp is about to be launched. itc continues to empower partners to enhance technical capabilities and broaden business perspectives as well as share industry-leading information and seek mutually beneficial opportunities for reciprocal advancement.

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