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With long-standing experience and expertise in providing full solutions for enterprises, itc empowers efficiency, boosts productivity, and improves collaboration in business workplace with versatile products.

• TV-X8175 series flat panel for creating a small conference center, integrating high-definition display, smart whiteboard, 4K camera, array microphone, intelligent central control, and high-quality speaker
• 810/820 series interactive flat panel for presentation and brainstorming
• Integrated video conference terminal for remote business collaboration
• Omnidirectional microphone for effective decision making
• Ultra-thin commercial LED screen for ultra-clear display of file demo and video conferencing
• 810/820 series flat panel for brainstorming and interactive collaboration
• Video conference camera to accurately capture all the participants
• Microphone for clear transmission of your opinions

Application in Enterprise

itc matches the required equipment according to different scenarios to support the efficient progress of the meeting

Advantages of Enterprise Solution

Excellent audiovisual performance

Excellent audiovisual performance

4K UHD display effect and professional-grade audio present every detail of the meeting.

IR Touch Screen Restoring Real Writing Experience

IR Touch Screen Restoring Real Writing Experience

Support 10-finger simultaneous writing. The written content can be zoomed and moved, allowing you to experience the joy of unlimited writing.

Intelligent Sound Source Optimization

Intelligent Sound Source Optimization

Intelligent noise reduction, automatic gain control and 48K ultra-wideband voice calls high definition technology bring you the most crystal-clear sound effect.

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