Conference Solution Applied in OFNAC, Republic of Senegal

Conference Solution Applied in OFNAC, Republic of Senegal

May 03,2023 121 views

OFNAC, an abbreviation for the National Office for Combating Fraud and Corruption in the Republic of Senegal is an independent administrative authority with financial autonomy. It was created by Law No. 2012-30 of December 28, voted unanimously by the National Assembly.

The OFNAC’s mission is to prevent and combat fraud, corruption, any assimilated practices and related offenses, in order to promote integrity and probity in the management of public affairs.

OFNAC carries significant responsibility to combat national corruption, and thus a versatile and advanced workplace is highly important to ensure smooth and secure communication and implementation of anti-corruption efforts.

To complete infrastructure and create a state-of-the-art conferencing communication environment, itc cutting-edge product systems are applied in the OFNAC Senegal involving TS-W100 Digital Conference System, Wireless Conference System, Professional Sound System, Intelligent Interactive Flat Panel.

Wireless Conference System

itc Wireless Conference System features high-anti interferencerapid signal transmission, as well as the highest level of security preventing eavesdropping and unauthorized access, which makes it ideal for national confidential conferences.

interactive flat panel

Furthermore, the advanced features and exceptional versatility of itc pro sound system and the latest interactive flat panel elevate the conferencing experience to be more engaging, productive and high-efficient.

OFNAC Senegal

 itc application solution in OFNAC Senegal received high levels of customer satisfaction with the best-in-class system and professional service. We are honored to join efforts in the anti-corruption practices to promote integrity and transparency of public affairs.

In the long run, we will still strive for perfection providing robust systems and solutions for our customers.